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An Inquiry Pedagogy with Kath Murdoch

September 20, 2021

In this episode of the STEM ED Podcast, we carry on the conversation about Inquiry Learning from Episode 6 with Trevor Mackenzie. My guest this week is the inspirational and passionate Kath Murdoch, who chats about the connection between inquiry learning and STEM, some of the criticisms inquiry learning has faced, and how educators can get support for their inquiry practice. This conversation was such a perfect follow on from her interview in Issue 4 of the STEM ED magazine.

You can find her new Picture Book, The Wonder of Winsome, in her shop here.

For her Art of Inquiry Cards, you can find them here.

To connect with Kath, you can find her on:

Her website: Kath Murdoch: Educational Consultant

On Twitter: @kjinquiry

On Instagram: @kjinquiry

On Facebook: @Kath Murdoch Consulting


For more information about us at STEM ED Magazine, you can find us:

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